Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Thought’s on Early Childhood Care

ECED 420 – Planning and Administering Early Childhood Program

Aloha Everyone!

“Thank you!” I just wanted to take this opportunity to say how this course (ECED 420) and everyone’s (fellow classmates and Dr. Iorio) thoughts and opinion open my eyes on to early childhood care. It’s funny that among teachers we tend to blame each other if a student is not achieving his/her level of education.

For example, I have friends who are teachers in Secondary Education (7th – 12th graders) who blames elementary teachers (me) for not doing our jobs in teaching and preparing those students for high school level of education. Taking this course open my eyes to this, it is so important for children to be enrolled in early childhood care. Early childhood care is the foundation to every child education. Early childhood care prepares them to basic level of learning and understanding. Children who don’t attend early childhood care will have a difficult time in learning. Don’t get me wrong children will still learn but it will just take them a little longer.

Teachers in early childhood care, in elementary education, in secondary education, and to college level education, we all need to work together and recognize what roles we play as teachers. We need to support early childhood care because it’s the foundation for every child education.

So my hat goes off to all the people who works in early childhood care, from administrations to the teachers “Keep up with the good work!”

Everyone, have a safe and wonderful Christmas holidays and God bless you all!

Peace & Aloha,

Mr. Gary


  1. Hi Gary,

    It is true! Everyone in education really need to work together and stop the blaming... It's not only the teacher's responsibility in preparing the children for the next grade level, but also the parents and even the child. Some children just have a rough time in school and just don't get it, and we as educators just need to help that kid to keep trucking because if we don't, he/she might drop out...

    take care,

  2. Hi Gary:
    As you tip your hats to everyone, I tip my hat to you, you seem like a very understanding and nurturning individual that really understands the situations that occur in each grade level. As long as we all know our part, how hard is it?
    Have a great holiday season

  3. Hi Gary,
    You make some good points. The points that even I too, have thought, wondered, and even argued to myself about. (LOL). But now, as I read your blog, I wonder can every education level meet every need of the child or person and get them ready for the next level or even being on that level? But yes, you are right when you said that the foundation starts in Early Childhood Education. Have a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Years!

  4. Hi Gary,
    I think it would help if educators took some training or classes or even spent time in other areas of education (early, elementary, and secondary) so we can understand each other. It is a good idea to work together, you make a great point.